Design a newspaper front page

We’ll be designing a newspaper front page this week. You are to write articles for your newspaper based on the assumption that you are a British reporter. (The events you will report on are those surrounding the reign of terror in France.)  This will mean that you take a stand either for or against what the French people are doing. The newspaper’s front page is its showpiece, containing what editors feel is the most important news of the day, so bear this in mind when you’re writing. Your front page should have certain elements:

1. Newspaper title.

2. Date and cost.

3. A headline with main story.

4. Other news items which might be related to the main story.

5. Any other daily news worthy events.

6. Advert.

7. Images.

Your homework is to complete the front page and print it off to hand in.



About Kerry Turner

Director of ICT at Nottingham High School
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