Henry VIII: The King’s Great Problem

We’ll be spending some time on Henry VIII during this half term.

Students should look at this table document on Henry VIII.  It will form the basis of the information which students should use for the section on  ‘The King’s Great Problem’. It covers Henry VIII’s reasons for divorce and his break from the Catholic church in Rome.

I’ve also added other useful sheets on this topic:

1. A resource providing information, sources and tasks in relation to Henry VIII’s Break with Rome.  Guides pupils through the change in Henry’s attitude to Protestantism. (Submitted to SchoolHistory.co.uk by Miss Wiliams)

2. Henry VIII – catholic or protestant? (Submitted to SchoolHistory.co.uk by Miss Skudamore)

There is a summary video of Henry VIII and his wives in the Vodpod link to the right of this blogpost.

For homework you should do some extra reading on the topic of Henry’s split from the Catholic Church. I have listed some resources below.

The Tudor Project – Henry VIII

BBC History – Henry VIII Majesty with Menace

Henry VIII 1509 – 1547

Wolsey and the divorce

Thomas Cromwell and the divorce

Church Abuses

The Break with Rome


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