Gunpowder, Plot & Treason!(1605)

We’ll be working on the case for or against the gunpowder plotters over the next week or so. An excellent website from has a good overview of events, full of original material. If you’ve left your text book at school, or if you want to read a little further on the topic – this is an excellent read.

There is also a very good list of resources, revision games and videos (Channel 4 On Demand. Remember that we cannot play these in school because of our proxy server, but you could do so at home.) from teacher Simon Mills. Although he teaches in a Junior school, the list of resources he has collected are very useful for consolidating this section of work.

A rather zany video on this section of work is available from Google videos. It stars Nick Knowles who explores the facts and the fiction behind the legendary Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. There are several more good videos from BBC Worldwide on YouTube.

Students might find this presentation on the topic useful as a summary overview.


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