The Civil War and Civil War Project

Our final topic this term will be The English Civil War. HistoryontheNet has a solid overview of the topic, as does the text book. Please use the text book and the document handed out in class in order to complete the questions on this topic. If you mislay them, here are Document 1 and Document 2.

(Image: Channel4 History website)

Students will also be aware that for the next couple of weeks we will be working on a mini project on the English Civil War. Browse through the photos on the right hand side to refresh yourselves of some of the things we encountered on our trip to Leeds. One of these might jog your memory and lead you to a decision as to what topic you’d like to cover for your project.

As a reminder:

  • Your mini project must be on some aspect of the English Civil War.
  • The project must include at least the equivalent of four written pages from an exercise book and an additional number of diagrams, maps, illustrations and so on.
  • The project could be about weaponry, the role of an individual, a type of civil war soldier, cavalryman, musketeer, pike man, or a specific battle.
  • You will need to collect information and complete thorough research.
  • Most sources of information are acceptable, but it must not be derived solely from the internet.
  • A full bibliography will be required.
  • Any suspicion of copying and pasting chunks of information from a source will be firmly dealt with.

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